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Panniers4less is a lobor of love for John R.Keller,Ive been riding bikes for 50+ years and touring and commuting for 30+ yrs,and I have now designed this XTP line of Xtreme Commuting and light touring bags,the twin saddle bag is great for around town but is large enough to double for that tour up the coast,its water resistant and has several pockets and breathable mesh area to store a little bit of a lot of things,and with the attachable top shoulder bag you can carry a bit more securely with the 4 snaps that holds it on then unsnap it to carry it as a day hiking bag.

I have been taking light touring to the Xtreme with my Bicycle Busking Trips for the past 10 years carrying a guitar,banjo,mandolin,and many harmonicas and camping out along the way,its a great way to travel and this bag fits the bill,It will haul a lot and still not get in the way on a short trip to the Farmers markets,or hauling my own brand of XTP paddle tennis paddles to the courts or cycling into the racquetball courts to play some ball,,feel free to call me to discuss any aspect of this pannier and how it might help you to get you out there on the road to Health and adventure,Truly,john ph8186253634.

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