XTP Pannier Double Bottom Saddle Bag – Olive Green

XTP Pannier Double Bottom Saddle Bag – Olive Green


The ultimate in Commuting light Touring the XTP=Xtreme Transit Pannier is the Double Saddle bag that can take you there and back,its WATER RESISTANT durable polyester canvas material is still lightweight enough for that light touring you have always wanted to do,its 28Liter size holds alots with a large zippered main compartment on each side,a smaller zippered outside side pocket and back mesh holding pocket in the rear,fits on back cargo rack with a snap strap to hold in place in front and Velcro straps to hold on sides near wheels,and a handle in the middle to carry as a briefcase when needed,,,,its built to take a lot of road wear,so no more excuses get out there on the road to adventure,,total price with free S/h in USA 59.99,this is complete  comes in Olive Green or Black.

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XTP Pannier Double Bottom Saddle Bag. The Ultimate in commuting light touring saddle bag.XTP=XTREME TRANSIT PANNIER…comes in Olive Green,or Black.,FREE S/H.